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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

No, it's not because we make all our shoes on the beach, like the picture below (we wish!) It's also not because we live and work in Cape Town (a city locally known to be the 'sleepy city'). But why, Earth Sole, won't my Earth Soles arrive within one months time? Let us give you some answers here...

Barefoot shoes made by hand at Noordhoek, Cape Town
Our barefoot shoes made by hand, Noordhoek beach, Cape Town

There are quite a few answers on this seemingly easy question. First of all, because we're a small business. Bigger businesses will have more capacity for fulltime employers, which we don't (yet!). Most of our team, as you can find out in our About Page, work just a couple of hours per week, besides another job. Second reason is because it is actually a long process, making an Earth Sole! The actual handwork is around 2 hours, depending on your shoe size. Our smallest standard size is UK4, but we have had quite a few customs that went up to UK13! We call those, the boats. Before the actual creation of your shoes, your order will be taken, packed to be made and about 2 weeks later, it will come back to our studio to be packed for shipping. Scroll down on our About page, as we added a section "Production Process", where you can read about each process more in detail. With all our different options of shape and leather colors, the back process is actually quite complex and therefore lenghty. And to make sure both quality, fit and design is exactly what you want, it takes a bit more time that is hopefully, but confirmed by many, worth the wait!

"Absolutely love this shop, the customer care and the product is perfect" - Olufemi on Etsy

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