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Sizing Guide

Our Earth Soles are designed to provide your feet with a snug and comfortable embrace. The regular fit is created for those with regular-shaped feet – typically medium-width feet with a rounded toe box. If you often encounter challenges when searching for well-fitting footwear, scroll down below for our Custom Fit option.

Step 1: Shape of your toes

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 Custom Fit 

Step 2: Width of your feet

If you believe you have medium-wide feet (fitting into most shoes), you will perfectly fit into any of our standard fit. If uncertain, measure at the highest point over the top of your feet.

  • Females: Our standard fit is ideal if your width ranges between 17.5 cm and 21.5 cm.

  • Males: Our standard fit is ideal if your width ranges between 18.5 cm and 22.5 cm.

If your width range doesn't fall within this range, we recommend a Custom Fit. 

Which feet shapes can fit our regular Earth Soles (1640 x 1100 px) (1640 x 1600 px) (1640

Step 3: Lenght of your foot

Measure your feet:
Needed: A4 paper, pen and ruler or tape measure.

How to: Stand up and place your foot on a piece of paper. Loosely trace around your foot while keeping the pen upright/at a 90-degree angle to the paper. Once you've traced your foot, remove it from the paper. Measure the length of your foot in a straight line, from the heel to the middle of your toes (see image). Refer to the chart below to find the corresponding shoe size based on your foot length.​ If you fall in between sizes, simply go for a half-size.

Full Custom - Measure your feet (2).png

Custom Fit

If your feet are as special as yourself, you might need a Custom Fit. This needs a bit more measuring, but don't worry, we guide you step by step! Once we have your full measurements, we will advice you whether to go for our Regular Fit or Custom Fit. Head to the bottom below for more information

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