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Full Measurements

Our Earth Soles are meant to hug your feet. To see whether you can go for our Regular Fit or need a Full Custom, measure your feet carefully.

Step 1: Ways to take your measurements

A) Follow the instructions below

B) Watch the video below

C) Print the measuring template: download here


Step 2: Check if your measurements are complete

- Did you measure the 4 horizontal lines over the top of your feet?

- Were the final pictures taken from above?

- Are the measurements in centimeters?

Step 3: Send us your measurements

Good work! Click here to send us your measurements, and we will come back to you to advise you on size or option.

Be aware: only once we have received your complete measurements we can start creating your tailor-made Earth Sole.

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Guidelines to measure your feet:

Follow the step-by-step below or download the instructions here.

ou will need:

- 2 blank papers

- a pen or pencil

- a tape measure/ruler

  1. Draw 5 horizontal lines, each 4 cm apart

  2. Trace your foot (see image for visual guidance)

    • Position your foot just below the first line.

    • Gently trace your foot holding your pen upright / at a 90-degree angle.

  3. Measure your bridge

    • Measure over the top of your foot at the 4 horizontal lines.

    • Note measurements in centimeters.

  4. Foot length

    • Measure in a straight vertical line from top to bottom.

  5. Repeat for the other foot

  6. Capture photos

    • Take clear photos of your measurements from above.

    • Send them to us.

How to measure your earth sole
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