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Exchange & Return Policy

Ensuring our customers' satisfaction is a crucial part of our brand and we've developed a unique policy to ensure both you and Earth Sole enjoy a positive experience. Before you wish to return or exchange, please always get in touch. Also, please keep your invoice handy as it contains details about your purchase.

  • Return / Exchange within South Africa:  If you decide to return your Earth Soles within seven working days of purchase and they are still in perfect condition*, we will provide a refund (not for the Full Custom options). Before you make your purchase, please always head to our Fitting & Sizing Guide to make sure you have the best possible fit. 

  • Return / Exchange outside of South Africa: Returning products to South Africa from overseas is to our regret not always easy. Besides being quite costly, it can take a long time or we don't receive them back at all. We would like to offer two exchange/return options:
    A) You return your Earth Soles in perfect condition* and we will make the exchange or refund once we have received your Earth Soles
    B) In case you wish to exchange your Earth Sole (and as we are aware of the challenging return options) we offer another pair in the right size for a 50% discount + shipping costs. 
    Before you make your purchase, please always head to our Fitting & Sizing Guide to make sure you have the best possible fit.

  • *Returning in perfect condition: Though we want you to give them an honest try, we also need to make sure we can sell them on in case you decide to return or exchange them. Therefore, we can only exchange or refund them when they are returned in perfect condition.. So when you try them, wear them only inside and preferably on carpets. The sole of the leather is rather sensitive to scratches.

  • Shipping Fees: Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay your shipping fees in case needed. Therefore, take it as your responsibility to head to our Fitting & Sizing Guide to make sure you have the best possible fit.

Return / Exchange due to quality issues:

  • Exchange after fail of quality: We believe in the durability and quality of our Earth Soles, but as a growing brand, we acknowledge that occasional issues may arise. If, within the first 12 months of your purchase, you find that the shoes do not meet your expectations, please don't hesitate to contact us. When we acknowledge the issues comes from our side, we will make sure to send you a second pair for shipping costs only.

  • Quality issues with your Earth Soles: If you encounter similar or new issues with the second pair, we will refund your purchase. The refund amount will be determined by the length of time you've owned the shoes before contacting us. We will calculate this by dividing your original purchase price by 12 (representing the months in a year) and then multiplying this figure by the number of months you've had the shoes. For example, if you purchased your shoes for €120 in January and contact us for a refund in May, the calculation would be as follows: €120 ÷ 12 months = €10 per month • €10 per month × 4 months of ownership = €40 • €120 (original purchase price) - €40 deducted amount) = €80 total refund


We hope this policy ensures your satisfaction with Earth Soles, and we appreciate your trust in our brand. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We value your feedback as it helps us continually improve our products.

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