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Our Products
Which products do we offer?
At this point, we only sell our first design of Earth Soles. They come in 3 options of which the first are our own designs. The second option is Design Your Own, which allows you to fully create your own Earth Sole. The previous two will
fit about 80% of the people. Those who often struggle to find well-fitting footwear, can go for our third option which is the Full Custom.

Can you customize your Earth Sole?

Absolutely! We offer customization options for those who want a unique touch to their footwear. You can choose leather, wax, and rivet colors, as well as add artistic designs or opt for exotic materials like ostrich leather. Find here all our Design Your Own options.

Why are our Earth Soles so unique?​
Our footwear is different because they're made from recycled leather, which allows us to always have a rotation of various colors of leather. Each pair is unique and can be fully customized too! They are flexible, breathable, and offer a true barefoot experience.


Which colors do our shoes come in?

As we work with repurposed leather, we always have a wide variety of leather colors. Heading to Our Collection will show you all the shoes we have designed for you. When you go to our Design Your Own page, you can find all our leather colors available.

How durable are they?
Leather has proven to be very durable - the bushman and Aboriginals used to wear nothing else then leather for their shoes back in the day! When only wearing our shoes indoors, they can last a lifetime. When wearing them outdoors (which is where they are originally made for), limit walking them on wet pavements, as this increases the stretch of the weather and expedites wear and tear. Also, when you are d
ragging your feet across the pavement while walking they will walk through much faster.

Can you wear them outside?

You can absolutely wear them outside. Just be aware when you wear them when the surface outside is wet, the pavements work like sandpaper for the leather sole, and you will wear through the sole faster. Also, the leather will stretch faster which will make them go out of shape. When this is the case, you can simply through them in the washing machine at 60 degrees and dry them naturally and not in direct sunlight. They will go back to their original shape.

Our Prices

What are our prices?
As we offer a wide variety of options, depending on your design and fit preference. As we give a discount for South African orders, our local prices may vary.

Our Collection (regular fit)
Cow leather: €75   /   R1200
Special editions like Ostrich, Organic Art and Nguni leather: €92,50  /  R1500
Design Your Own:
Cow leather: €92,50   /   R1500
Special editions like Ostrich, Organic Art and Nguni leather: €110  /  R1750

Full Custom Fit:
Cow leather: €110  /  R1750
Special editions like Ostrich, Organic Art and Nguni leather: €127,50  /  R2050

How do we get to our pricing?

We understand that our pricing may seem high for a seemingly simple product. However, there are several factors to consider. Each shoe size is individually crafted to ensure a perfect fit since there are no standard foot models for barefoot shoes. This process took about a year and is an ongoing effort to achieve perfection. We've also had many trials and experiments to limit shoes and high durability, to result in the highest quality product possible. Additionally, the manual production of each pair takes approximately 2 hours, significantly more than factory-made shoes. Also, we share a small part of our profit with three local NGOs. More about this on our About page.


How do they stretch?
Earth Soles can stretch about 10%, and they'll adapt to your feet over time. Wear them, let them mold to your foot shape, and enjoy that perfect fit as they become uniquely yours. Be aware that they will stretch faster when they are wet. To ensure the perfect fit from the start, head to our Size and Fit Guide. When your shoes have stretched, you can either wash them and dry them naturally, they will turn back to their original shape. Also, we can advise our sheepskin insole, to fill up your shoe in comfort.

Can you fit one of Earth Soles standard fit?
Our readymade Earth Soles fit best for those with regular-shaped feet. Head to our Size & Fit Guide for more information. If your feet are exceptionally slim, wide, or have unique dimensions, consider our Full Custom option. 

Our Leather

Which animal leather do we use?​
We use Bovine (Cow) Leathers and also offer Ostrich and Nguni leather - both also repurposed leather which we receive in thorned pieces or offcuts.


What does repurposed/recycled leather mean?
It's leftover leather from old products like furniture and shoes, which we recycle and use for the tops and back parts of our shoes. At Earth Sole, we prioritize sustainability by using repurposed leather and minimizing waste. Our eco-friendly practices reduce the environmental impact of our footwear, and we are committed to continuing our efforts toward a greener future. Head to our blogs to read more about us using repurposed leather.


Where do we get our leather from?

We get our leather from different suppliers, that have no longer use for this leather and offer us their offcuts or reject leather. For instance, most of our cow leather we get from Moorgas & Sons, an upholstery factory here in Cape Town. Another place we get our leather from is FSP, which creates high-quality handbags for our local airport, and our Nguni leather comes from the leather merchant Woodheads. Our ostrich leather are thorned pieces from Oudtshoorn, South Africa, that we got for a good price, to create into your unique Earth Sole!


Grounding & Health
Can those with a history of foot injuries wear Earth Sole?

If you've had foot issues in the past, you can still ease into our Earth Soles - compare it with being barefoot. Just take it slow, especially if you've been using corrective shoes. Get in touch if you would like some more guidance.


How do Earth Soles keep you grounded?
Earth Soles promotes ground
ing by using a thin (1.4 - 2 mm) piece of leather for the sole. Unlike rubber soles that block the earth's energy, leather allows energy to pass through.


Why is grounding/earthing good for us?
Grounding or earthing connects us to the Earth's biomagnetic field, reducing stress, inflammation, pain, improving sleep, and supporting the nervous system. If you like to read more about this subject, head to our blogs or watch the documentary Kiss The Ground, or Earthing.


Production & Shipping Process
What is the processing time for orders?
As all our shoes are made to order, the processing time is 2 - 3 weeks from the moment we have your complete order. Head to this page to learn everything about our timeline and process.

How does shipping work?

Shipping time depends on your location. Within South Africa, it takes 1 – 3 business days for €6. Internationally, it's 3 - 7 days for €16.


How does the production process work?
We handcraft all our shoes, so there's no fast fashion here! Readymade Designs take 2 - 3 weeks, while Design Your Own and Full Custom Design options take 3 - 4 weeks. Discover here to see how we create our Earth Soles.

Other Questions

What makes Earth Sole footwear unique?
Earth Sole is unique because it's designed to provide a grounding connection with the earth. Made from repurposed leather, our shoes are not only comfortable but also eco-friendly. Also, we work by hand and are one of the only brands out there using just leather for the sole.


What if you're not used to walking barefoot?

We do not provide rubber outer soles, as our shoes are designed to keep you grounded, and rubber soles hinder grounding conduction. If you desire additional support, we offer sheepskin inners. They provide warmth while still keeping you grounded, making them a great choice for those new to barefoot walking.

How do Earth Soles manage water?
It is best to keep your shoes as dry as possible, as they will stretch less fast. Also, when they are wet and you walk on asphalt, asphalt will turn into sandpaper for your leather soles, which decreases durability. If they do get wet, just let them air dry and out of direct sun.

Can you wear Earth Soles when you have bunions?

Yes, we could say they would work really well, as our shoes mold around the shape of your feet. It is recommended to measure your feet and send them to us, so we can advise you on whether to opt for our Regular or Custom Fit.


Are Earth Soles suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, Earth Sole shoes are designed for various outdoor activities. They are lightweight, flexible, and provide a comfortable barefoot experience. However, they may not be ideal for extremely rugged or wet terrains.


How should you care for your Earth Sole shoes?

For regular maintenance, you can simply wipe your Earth Sole shoes with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains. If they need a deeper clean, they are machine washable up to 40 degrees. Allow them to air dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight. Also Beeswax would work well to add to the sole, to keep your leather nice and moisturized. We sell this ourselves too, have a look at our products.

Do we also make shoes for kids?-
We are ve
ry willing to also start with Earth Sole Mini, but have unfortunately not had the capacity to perfectionize the patterns for the small ones. Subscribe for the newsletter to be the first to know about our launch, or send us a specific inquiry, we will add you to our special Kids Shoes email list.

What is the difference between male and female Earth Soles?
Male Earth Soles have a wider and rounder toe box and more space at the top/bridge. Therefore, if you have wide feet as a female, go for our male sizes (if available in your size). Do you have narrow feet as a man? Head for our female sizes. Is your feet to wide for a male size or to narrow for a female, we recommend our Full Custom.

What is Earth Sole's return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to our Refund and Exchange page for detailed instructions and guidelines. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Local discount
We understand that life in South Africa can be challenging, and we're all about locals supporting locals. That's why we offer a large discount on to all customers ordering through our website, where we offer direct-sales prices. Head here to find out more.

Supporting NGO’s
We believe in giving back. For every Earth Sole sold, we donate R45 (around €2,20) to 3 local NGOs. More about those NGOs you can find by clicking here.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help you make the most of your Earth Sole footwear experience.

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