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Take care of your Earth Sole

Take care of your Earth Soles, and your Earth Soles will take care of you. Read through our tips and tricks we have to offer, for longer-lasting barefootwear.

  • Your shoes will mold to your feet over time. If they're too tight initially, wet them while wearing for faster stretching.

  • Once they fit comfortably, avoid getting them wet to prevent further stretching.

  • You can wash them in the washing machine at 40 degrees when needed.

  • Whenever they get wet, air-dry them away from direct sunlight.

  • Keep the soles in good condition by using beeswax or Dubbin.

  • If the waxed thread wears through, a drop of one-second glue will prevent unraveling.

  • It can be that your Earth Soles have widened to much through wear. We're working on guidelines of how to shrink them, send us a message here to receive it.

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