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The Founder Of Earth Sole

Hi there! My name is Anouk, and I'm the founder of Earth Sole. I've kept myself fairly quiet as a personality, as I find it important for Earth Sole to develop itself as a brand. Though, with some big changes in the air, I like to share a bit more about myself and our special brand.

Anouk Anansi, founder of Earth Sole
It was this May, two years ago it all really started. I made a big and bold move, leaving the bus and caravan I was living in, exchanging this life for Cape Town, and starting Earth Sole. A shoe that would keep you grounded, allowing your feet to spread, and made by leather offcuts.

It's been a wild journey. A lot of hard work, and trial and error. Mainly with the sizing, which is still a theme that keeps me busy a lot. Improving quality is another thing. The focus will from there slowly shift to new models, for which I'm more excited, as I am a creator by heart.

The focus will shift to new models, for which I'm more excited, as I am a creator by heart

We are also moving towards tools making it possible to design your own Earth Sole online, and scanning your feet so you know which size will suit you best! And then, another big thing is going to happen. After 5 years of living here in South Africa, I am going to emigrate to Portugal. "And what about Earth Sole", many ask.

Part of my hard work is to make sure Earth Sole is running by itself. We have a strong team, with our two main makers working with us since 1,5 years. We are training an enthusiastic Studio Manager, and of course, I will not have 'my baby' out of sight when finding my feet overseas.

My focus will be to start a new production process in Portugal, from where we will ship our international sales. My soul is longing for another adventure, warmer weather and being closer to my roots (The Netherlands). Starting the production in Portugal is in line with that.

Earth Sole
A dance with Earth Sole

My long-term hope and vision for Earth Sole - Southern Africa is to find a passionate individual with similar ethics to take over the local and first Earth Sole. To grow, to be visible in more shops and markets, and to build a stronger community online. But, one step at a time. There is still a lot that I wish to develop under my wing, and one huge thing I have learned over time is: Earth Sole has its own spirit. It will attract the right people and ideas at the perfect timing, and my purpose is to support where I can, and to trust. Which I do.

Thank you all for your special love and support towards this brand, without you, I would have truly not come close to this.

In gratitude


Founder of Earth Sole

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