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This very first post is written on a Wednesday night, at 2:30 AM. Call it passion, dedication or just simply... Being a workaholic! It's been a long and hard but amazing journey, walking on the path of Earth Sole. As yes, Earth Sole has a path of her own...

Earth Sole and community go hand in hand. Or should we say, foot by foot
Earth Sole and community go hand in hand. Or should we say, foot by foot

This is what I, Anouk Anansi, the founder of Earth Sole back in May 2022, experienced from the very start. The first sold pair on Etsy, which was more been put online for people to 'favorite' it, not to buy! I was far from ready for this first pair. Fortunately, this very first customer, oceans away in America, had no time in the first two months to finalize her measurements and so, I had time (and oh I worked hard) to get any clue of how to even get from a measurement to a shoe. Fortunately, with help of many friends and measurements (and sleepless nights), I had it ready a week after she had sent what I had asked her to...

Then, our first brand shoot. That was like a dream. I had the thought for a shoot (and the need for beautiful photographs!) for much longer but you know, time... But, before my few week trip I thought, is this the right time? I checked in with a great local photographer whom I had admired his work for many months, and he was keen for a day the following week. Then I started to ask some beautiful friends I had in mind. The were all SO KEEN and I hadn't even checked if I had shoes in their shoe sizes ready, before there was no way back! So, let's get on with it.

Cape Town, being known for its wind, gave us the most beautiful day. No wind, gorgeous sunset, matching clothing our models brought themselves, good vibes. Darren Viret made about 500 photo's of which a huge selection of 80 I still use on daily basis. Have a look in our Gallery - and around our website - to see his amazing work!

Noordhoek Beach, friends, cape town, barefoot shoes
We were as happy as we looked!

Another example, of Earth Sole having her very own journey, is the amazing opportunities we keep getting. From a festival that wishes to collaborate like Wolfkop Weekender near Cape Town, to small hospitality businesses here in Hout Bay. Or people like Brad, being a huge fan of Earth Sole and supports us with leather for the sole, or pays way more then he has to for his custom made footwear.

And having 'tried' to start many small businesses before (if you're curious, have a sneak here and see what else I am passionate about), I have never seen anything taken of this fast. Not even a little bit close. As written before, how people found Earth Sole on Etsy. But also on Instagram, having only 200 followers, we had weekly inquiries for orders. People keep finding us on Google...

It seems that the world and YOU is waiting for a comfortable shoe that is not just healthy for your feet, but also for your mind. We're thankful to have started this product and for you to be on the path with us.

Warm regards from Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa - Anouk Anansi.

Gratitude, Thankfull, Earth Sole, Anouk Anansi, Small Business, Cape Town
Gratitude to YOU!

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